What people say

” I have been attending Julie’s Pilates class for 6 years and found her a very supportive instructor. She encouraged me to challenge myself at the same time as being understanding about my reluctance to overdo it having suffered a slipped (lumber region) disc a few years before I joined her class. Over time I found that I was able to strengthen my lower back and my core to such an extent that it stabilised my lumber region. This gave me the freedom and confidence to return to more rigorous forms of exercise which I had previously enjoyed such as Jazzercise and horse riding. I really enjoyed Julie’s class, her jovial personality made it fun and she regularly changed the routines so that we never got bored or complacent. I would recommend her classes to anyone who wants to improve or maintain their core stability and flexibility.” Mary CB December 2018
“Thanks for all your patience and making sessions fun, that has resulted in me trying to reach a level of fitness I wouldn’t have dreamed of if it hadn’t been for you.” LB December 2018
“I have attended Pilates classes with Julie for 6 years and am very sad that she is leaving.  She is a fantastic teacher, her classes are never boring as it is always different, although she has her favorite really tough moves that we all hate but love her for them as well as they do us so much good. I had breast cancer a few years ago and had a mastectomy and reconstruction, Julie was always very attentive to my needs and always kept an eye on me.
You Cornish folk are lucky to have her. ” Kate October 2018

“I have really enjoyed doing pilates with you. Each session was well planned and you have a huge repertoire of exercises targeting every part of the body. There was always something new and challenging! Also, I am very grateful to you for your effort and your patience during my one to one personal training. You worked me very hard but I have never been fitter! I also lost weight and my body shape changed, allowing me to once again wear clothes that had long lingered at the back of the wardrobe!” Jane October 2018

“I have had a few teachers over the last few years and you were the best by a long way.  Your classes were always fun, but your knowledge and expert teaching gave us all confidence and somehow we progressed!  Pilates has definitely kept me going as I get older and I will miss you and your encouraging and caring style.” Lois October 2018 (see below too!!)

“Pilates on the Green with Julie Turner is the place to be to improve your mind, body and probably soul too! Julie is an inspiring teacher who encourages at the same time as pushing you that little bit further than you think you can be pushed. You feel taller, fitter, slimmer and energised after an hour of Pilates with Julie, and she explains the benefits of each exercise in simple terms with no jargon so you understand your body and can therefore put into practice the basic principles of Pilates on your own until the next class. It’s fun too!” Lois April 2013

“I really want to thank you for helping me get my confidence back. You really helped me get my fitness back in a very gentle, encouraging way. It also helped enormously to hear that you had suffered a similar back injury and recovered. I really enjoyed your pilates classes as I never felt pressured to do something that felt wrong for my body, but you also know when to push me to try something new. I feel so much better than I did this time last year and my back is a million times better.” KB October 2018

“I love going to Julie’s class. The groups are small so you get Julie’s attention, and she varies the content of the classes so they are all interesting and fun.” Heather April 2013

“I’ve found Pilates to be of great benefit during my recovery and treatment for breast cancer and have every intention of keeping it up now.I was advised to stretch daily right from day one after surgery (wide local excision, sentinel node biopsy and axillary clearance) to regain and maintain full mobility of the shoulder and arm on the affected side.
For me (and most women I think), apart from the usual side effects from the chemotherapy and feeling extremely fatigued, the worst bit about breast cancer is how it affects your physical appearance and confidence levels. With a lot more sitting around than I was used to and the drugs taking over my body (making me eat things I shouldn’t), I gained weight and the scales read more than they ever had in my life! I walk as much as I can but the weather hasn’t always been conducive during cold wet winter months. Whilst having chemo there are days when you just don’t have the energy (or the inclination) to do anything however committing to a class does spur you on, even more so if you’ve arranged to go with a friend or relative. I knew I needed to do some form of exercise and even though it’s not the cardio vascular gym workout I used to do it’s working the whole body and allows me to work at a level I can manage for that day. And if I’m honest it’s a form of exercise I’ve come to enjoy and prefer to ‘jumping around’ in a gym like a mad thing! Pilates allows you to work to a level that suits you and the exercises can easily be adapted when recovering from surgery which means sometimes laying in certain positions is difficult.
Pilates gives you an all over body stretch – a great feeling when you’ve not moved from your bed or sofa for a couple of days! It improves flexibility, posture and strength. It might be a struggle to get motivated to do the class some weeks whilst going through chemo but like any exercise class you feel tonnes better afterwards for having done it. It helps give a more positive attitude to recovery because you notice that you’re making small improvements week by week. I know that by going to a class I’ll get expert instruction and correction rather than trying to do it half heartedly at home and not do it properly.
If money was no object I’d do a class everyday!” Deanne April 2013

“I’d never done an exercise class before and initially I wondered if I would I be too old or too unfit. But I grew to learn that Pilates is more important the older you get. Now in my seventies, I have been doing Pilates at Ashley Green for about 15 years and also taken classes in the USA. It is a satisfying and logical series of exercises that I’ve not tired of yet. I find it essential to reduce muscular and back pain.
Julie’s is an excellent instructor, her knowledge comprehensive. The workouts are fun, thorough and designed to accommodate the individual needs of all shapes and sizes within the class.” Anabel April 2013

“I have been doing Pilates with Julie since October 2012 and in eight months my waist has returned, something I never thought I would see again! I used to suffer from lower back problem’s, but now that my core muscles are stronger I only get a little pain and after a good night sleep I have no pain at all. Julie is great, she always varies the exercises so you never get bored. I would highly recommend her classes.” Kate June 2013